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What is Acceptance Commitment Therapy?

29 April 2024

Do you get stuck in your thoughts? Do you often don't know what you want? Let's see how Acceptance Commitment Therapy can help you on your way! I will explain the fundamentals of Acceptance Commitment Therapy in this news article and the 6 pillars Acceptance Commitment Therapy is based on.


Solstice Truffel Retreat in Zuid Limburg

16 January 2024

Aankomende juni, tijdens de zonnewende, organiseren wij een retreat met psilocybine houdende truffels in de heuvels van Zuid-Limburg in Nederland.


Solstice Psychedelic Truffle Retreat in the Netherlands

16 January 2024

This June, during the solstice, we will organise a retreat with psilocybin-containing truffles in the hills of South Limburg in the Netherlands.


End of Year Reflection & Journalling Exercise

20 December 2023

This is an end of year reflection and journalling exercise to help you look back at 2023, reflect on everything that happened and how you can learn from these experiences in 2024


August News

1 August 2023

As you can immediately see, Inner Wellbeing Coach has had a make over!


Summer Break

1 July 2023

Dear clients,

Thank you all for joining my events over the last 6 months. I has been lovely to meet all of you! Over the summer period...