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On a regular basis, I organise events in Valencia but also online. Doing things in group format has many benefits. On one hand, I love bringing like minded people together to connect with each other. It also allows me to reach a wider audience! I also run events that are accessible for everyone, you will see that some of my events are donation based! For ticketed events, there is no refund of the deposit, however, tickets are transferable.

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Mental Health Support Group Online

30 May 2024 10:30

Are you struggling with your mental health? You are not alone!

Join us in a support group! A support group is a safe place where you can talk about your emotions and circumstances with others who know how you feel and won’t judge or criticise you. At a support group we grow together through shared experiences. A support group gives you opportunities to get things off your chest. Sharing your own experiences with the group can help ease your emotional burden and feelings of isolation. As others in the group share their stories, you can gain valuable insight about how others deal with similar situations.

We encourage each and support each other and maintain a sense of hope. Being around your fellow support group members can help boost your mood and sense of optimism. We also focus on self-care. We talk about ideas for how to best care for yourself, manage stress and feel mentally and physically stronger.

Is this support group for you:
- This group/event allows all genders
- You have to be over 18
- You are dealing currently with mental health challenges, or have dealt with mental health challenges in the past (for example, but not limited to: addiction, bereavement, burnout, depression, anxiety or other mental health problems)

The first time attending a support group can be a challenge and it is normal to feel nervous, scared or ashamed. If you are a first timer, please feel free to contact me beforehand to make sure this is the right group for you. I am happy to explain what you can expect and I will try to help you feel at ease.

It's important that everyone has to be respectful, empathetic, and to maintain complete confidentiality. Everything shared within the group should stay within the group. However, as a health care professional, I do have the obligation of mandatory reporting.

If you are interested in joining, you can register here and I'll send you the Zoom link

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Solstice Psilocybin Truffle Retreat

20 June 2024 12:00

4 day Psychedelic Truffle Retreat with breathwork, nature walks, beautiful plant based meals and a deep dive into your subconscious on the 21st of June. Fully guided and facilitated by qualified psychedelic assisted therapists.

20-23rd of June 2024

A beautiful location in nature in the south of the Netherlands near Maastricht

Various prices available depending on accommodation type, see news page

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Dutch & English speakers are welcome!

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