Coaching Styles

What is CBT?

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This approach has been extensively researched and shown to be very effective for behavioural change and developing alternative thought patterns. This theory was founded in the sixties by Dr. Aaron T. Beck. This theory is currently widely used all around the world for improving peoples mental health and wellbeing.

What is ACT?

ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This is a newer approach but derived from behavioural therapy. ACT was founded in the eighties by Steven C. Hayes. This theory focuses on slightly different techniques such as acceptance, defusion, mindfulness, focus on values and commitment to what is.

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What is Inner Wellbeing Coaching?

Inner wellbeing coaching is my personally designed integrated holistic form of life coaching for self development. This form of coaching combines the modern approaches such as CBT and ACT with more traditional methods of connecting to your inner self through body focused work. This form of coaching focuses on achieving a better sense of self and on developing awareness to make more conscious decisions that lead to a more happy and fulfilled life.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

This is the most integrated form of life coaching that I offer. A full unique combination of mind and body work. This form of coaching still has its foundations in CBT and ACT, but with a more in depth focus on body and mind integration. Dive deep into your true self, connect with your deepest feelings, desires and wishes. This knowledge results in being able to be more honest to yourself and to others. This form of coaching focuses on living your life to your full potential by staying true to who you really are. You develop skills to realise what you really want, learn to develop different perspectives and focus on living a more conscious life.

Take some time to think about what truly makes you happy, find your inner strengths and find peace within. A non doing approach to life, but to 'be' in the moment and embrace what happens right now.

I am very happy to coach you through these challenging life situations and help you take a step back and just breathe, take a pause to reflect and set some new better suited life goals to live a more fulfilled and happy life. Together we will work on achieving these goals through my holistic and integrated form of inner wellbeing coaching.

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CBT and ACT Based Coaching

CBT-ACT Based Coaching

The concepts of CBT and ACT are briefly explained above. The foundation of this type of coaching lies in CBT and ACT theories, however coaching is not a form of therapy but it uses the same approach. This form of coaching focuses more on a cognitive level and less on body work. This can be useful for people who find it difficult to connect with their feelings deeply or who have a limited interest in inner and spiritual growth.

Often people who are unhappy or unsatisfied with specific behaviours or actions, or experience challenging, unhelpful or recurring thoughts and feelings find this form of coaching very helpful. Together, we look into the situation that triggers the unhelpful feelings/thoughts or behaviours and I will help you to develop alternative ways of dealing with them.

This type of coaching can also be helpful when you are dealing with anxious or depressed feelings. However, when struggling with severe anxiety or depression, it's best to first talk to your health care provider.

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